One way to find a walk community is to join a club. Parkrun USA is a FREE national community event where you can walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate. Parkrun is 5k and takes place every Saturday morning. Parkrun is positive, welcoming and inclusive, there is no time limit and no one finishes last. Everyone is welcome to come along. If you can’t go 3 miles yet, no worries. You can stop whenever you want and make it a goal to finish in the future. There are currently 61 clubs across the country. Use this link to find the one closest to you.

Another free group to check out is EverWalk. EverWalk is also a national group that builds communities by walking side by side, leqving our differences behind. Discover the freedom that comes with striding together, instead of sitting hunched over a screen.

The first thing you need to start your walking journey is GOOD SHOES! This is essential. And I highly recommend, if not insist, that you go to a local running store and not a “box store”. A local store has experienced staff, trained to analyze your gait and provide a custom objective fit for your shoes, socks, and other accessories. They will examine your foot, arch shape, and biomechanics to determine the best shoe for you and your individual needs. In our local area that store is Robert’s Running and Walking Shop. Find one near you!