The Website has Launched!

launch of the new website for walk fiercely

The Website has Launched!

The website is live!  This is an exciting time for Walk Fiercely.  As the concept originated in 2015 and was mostly just a blog platform, the reinvention of Walk Fiercely is still developing. To be perfectly honest, I am still working out what my true end goal is with Walk Fiercely and just how far I can take it.  I know I have a certain vision. It’s just creating the road map to get there is still “under construction”.  But a first step is always to have a (social) media presence.  And the best place to start is a website. It is still a work in progress. But it already provides a lot of good information. So visit and visit often! Things may look a little different each time as we build on the foundation. Now that I just said that, one of Walk Fiercely’s intentions is to build on your foundation! Start moving and see where it takes you.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me when my walking group meets.  I don’t have a walking group. My goal isn’t to organize a regularly scheduled walk for people. The goal is more to motivate people to get moving on their own or with friends and they can create their own small groups if they choose. My focus is to provide ideas, tips, resources, race opportunities and a community to be a part of.  Someplace you can come and connect with likeminded people. You can always “Join the Journey” as it suggests on the About Us page.  Contact me with questions, comments, ideas, experiences, your story, etc. You will likely hear about many of my experiences, past and future. This is how we create a community. And I welcome you to ours.

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